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Hard Drive Destruction

Whilst Shredlock specialises in secure document and paper destruction it has developed its capabilities to also include secure media destruction of many other different forms of media and data storage components. These types of components can potentially have millions of documents stored on them and in the case of Hard Drives and back up tapes can contain the records of your entire company or organisation from it very inception.

Many companies claim to provide such services and do collect media from your site but then subcontract the actual destruction to another third party.

How many people would you allow to have access to this extremely sensitive information?

It is like handing someone you don’t know the keys to your home or office along with your computer passwords.

As you can see; failure to carefully manage the secure destruction of these types of media could have catastrophic consequences.

Shredlock is one of only a few companies in Australia that can offer computer Hard Drive destruction to all levels of security, even to ‘Top Secret’ SCEC (Security Construction and Equipment Committee)

It is claimed, by some, that Hard Drive destruction can be achieved by information wiping, and whilst some of the systems and programmes for doing such work are now very advanced and sophisticated they still cannot provide the absolute guarantee of security that total destruction by disintegration provides.

Shredlock’s media destruction services, however, are not limited to hard drives.

Other compact storage units such as data back up tapes, video and audio tapes, CD’s, DVD’s, floppy disks, Blue Ray’s, USB storage memory sticks and even old Micro – fiche must all be securely destroyed once you no longer require them.

There is very little that our shredding machines are not capable of reducing to unrecognisable pieces.

If you have something that you do not want falling into the wrong hands then please call one of our customer service representatives and they will be able provide you with a solution to securely dispose of just about anything.

How does Shredlock work?

Documents placed in bins

Documents placed in bins

Confidential documents for destruction are placed in the locked bins in your office.

Secure Bin Collection

Secure Bin Collection

Security Certified Shredlock customer service will transport the locked bins to the mobile shredding truck.

Bin unlocked under CCTV

Bin unlocked under CCTV

Once inside secure work area, only then is your bin unlocked under CCTV surveillance

Secure Shredding Onsite

Secure Shredding Onsite

Contents of bins immediately shredded into small unrecognisable pieces using on board shredder.

Certificate of Destruction

Certificate of Destruction

Shredded materials are stored and bins returned Certificate of Destruction provided.

100% Recycled

100% Recycled

The shredded materials are unloaded at recycling depot to be made into new products.